Since 1800, we choose for you in the unique wood

Cimadom the family tradition in the field of wood has its roots still in the eighteenth century and, since then, have remained faithful to their tradition of workers of the wood while transforming and adapting to changing environmental conditions and family.DSC_8171-2

Timber joinery, Panels, Flooring

Timber joinery in spruce, European larch.
Boules fir and larch 0 / I dried.
Siberian larch.
Temperate hardwood.
Laminated for fixtures (fir, larch bacon) from our production.
Timber massive laminated fir and larch.
Supply and installation of roofing.

Panels from fir monolayer and 3 layers.
Chipboard MDF.
Phenolic panels and OSB.
Multilayer panels and veneered poplar.

Beads and flooring boards.
Prefinished floors.



Supply of high quality wood on specific customer requirements in order to size and quality and origin of the material.
Planing cutting boards.
Optimization and panel sectioning.
Drying timber.
Cutting and machining custom truss roof with possible laying of the same upon request.